Vacation Travelling

Hello friends, summer vacation are coming, and I think most of you are planning or have planned for vacation trip. It is very exciting to travel with family or friends, isn’t ?
So I am giving some tips for you trip so that you won’t face any problem in your trip…

  • Whenever we are planning for travelling, in the excitement, we generally forgot to place some important thing in our bag. And then we have to buy them again. So if we make a list of all the thing, then this problem will not arise, And you will enjoy your travel.
  • You should roll your shirts and then place them in bag. By doing this there are no wrinkles in your shirt, and there is no requirement of ironing them.
  • Just count the days in which you will be out from your home, and make small balls of toothpaste and then dry them in sunlight, and then place them in zipper bag. You will not have headache to take big toothpaste in your bag.
  • You should take a small bag with you in which you have to place a pen, a small dairy, power bank to charge you phone where electricity in not available.
  • You should take a first aid box with you in which some common medicines should be, and you should also search for the hospitals near your hotel for emergency.

So friends be aware of these things and if you know any other tip for travelling, please post them in comment box. Happy Travelling… For more updates please follow my blog.
Thank You.

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