How to overcome Shyness

There are so many people who are shy. Shyness is a kind of mental disability. People sometime avoid those people to talk, because they(shy men) are not so interested to talk to them. Shy men doesn’t open with every people, they only talk openly with only some of their relatives and best friends. Nearly 3-4 years ago I was also that type of person. And I used to feel that I was alone because I didn’t talk freely to anyone. But I had tried some tips then I was able to overcome this thing.

So today I am sharing those tips to all those people…

  • Firstly you should talk to yourself in front of mirror with making eye contact. This will make you confident and you will be comfortable.
  • Then, in the next step, now you have to talk to the person with whom you are comfortable. But you have to make eye contact(It is compulsory).
  • Always keep smile on your face. So other people find you interesting to talk.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to any people. Be confident to talk to anyone.
  • If you are in a group and groupies are talking about any topic which you don’t know. Then don’t leave them, instead join them as this will increase your knowledge.
  • Be polite with every person and use polite word like, thank you, sorry etc. Also comment on other’s like, its looking nice, great etc.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you can’t speak fluent English, just use the language in which you are comfortable. I am not saying that don’t learn English. Always be open to learn this as this is a global language and this will also good in getting jobs and counselling.
  • Read good books or novels to increase your knowledge. Novels are good to learn how to use words in a conversation.
  • Now last but not the least… you should be ready from your heart to follow these steps. This should not be a hard work to you. Instead this should be smart work.

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    I must tell you that this should be a part of your Lifestyle. As no one is perfect in this. This is a lifetime learning.
    Every person has some imperfection in them. Don’t feel guilty, instead it will be better to improve this.
    So you can transform your disability to your ability.
    So my friends improve your personality and lifestyle……. And Follow my blog, don’t forgot to comment (as this will make me to write better). Please share my blog to improve this also.. 🙂

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    Thank You, And have a nice day.

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