How to be healthy with junk food

Everyone says, to follow good & healthy lifestyle you should avoid junk food like, pizza, burger, cold drinks etc.

This thought was given by old people, who could control their emotions. According to them we have to take only healthy food.

But as we all know, we belongs to today’s generation and it is not possible for all of us to control all of our emotions. So today I am posting about how to live healthy life even if we eat junk food also (but in limited amount). Some tips to maintain healthy lifestyle are…

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  • Whenever you are going to a party, you should take some salad at home, so you can’t eat a lot of junk food even if you want.
  • Always do some work out to maintain your body.
  • If you can’t do exercise daily, do it 4 times a week.
  • Drink water in sufficient amount. And drink water before half an hour of food and then don’t till the food. And drink water after one hour of food. I know this sounds boring, but trust me, this is very effective.
  • Be away from any gadget during your meal, so your attention will be in your meal, then your food will get useful enzyme which are essential to digest your food.
  • And the last and most effective advice that, follow the instruction given by your mom. This will be best for you… 🙂

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